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Service Description

REMEDIAL BODYWORK Session Length: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins In a Remedial Session we will help to ease aching muscles, release knots, and unwind your tightly strung muscles using hands-on manual techniques. Different therapists have different techniques in which they specialise. Jei our Head Therapist in Carlton North uses Stretching and Holistic techniques, and may combine this with his Plant Medicine knowledge to use blends of oils to promote muscle recovery, and provide liniments, herbal capsules or health advice for aftercare. Az, our second Massage Therapist in Carlton North, uses an intuitive feel to inform his Remedial technique. This style is ideal for sessions where you've woken up with a sore neck, have strained your back from a day gardening, or are sore from a workout at the gym! SENSUAL BODYWORK Session Length: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins Lay back, chill out, and be treated to a Sensual Relaxation Session. We will use smooth, gliding motions that are gentle but firm enough to be satisfying as your cares melt away under our expert hands. Every part of your body will be anointed with oils, and kneaded into submission. TANTRA BODYWORK Session Length: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins Tantra is about 'revving your engine' and building energy. Techniques such as body posturing and positioning, sensual bodywork strokes, and breath work, can evoke responses that will build that energy. Tantra is about the journey and not the destination! We use Tantra techniques to build a story in your mind, taking you on a journey full of sensations that are both intimate and physical. The Therapists with GHA each have their own focus in the Tantra sessions they practice, so your experience with each therapist will be different. Jei's focus is the use of body posturing and positioning to enhance your session. Az's focus is on the intimacy of contact and interaction during a Tantra session. CONTACT: Email: Tel: 61 475 684 851 Web: Verified ID: ✅

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