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We are the number one directory in Australia to find a male massage. is about connecting you with professional, modern masseurs, offering therapeutic massage treatments, while we create a easy to use way for clients to search and book your next massage.

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Masseurs Applying

Simply click on the link to create and register a profile. This is then submitted for approval by our team. If your profile in anyway doesn't meet our advertising requirements, you are given the opportunity to re submit. Remember we are here to make sure you get the best return on the investment. All changes take 24 hours to reflect on our website

Great profiles sell!

Create a profile name: Think about a name that best reflects you and or service you offer. Catchy names get the traffic flow. The more flow of traffic, the greater opportunity for a booking. Choose a profile pic that looks sharp. From a face photo or even a set up for this is your window display. If a client like this they will click on the profile to see more. we're the massage directory that does all the communicating for you.

Directory listing

Complete the listing and payment details. Once all details are verified and payment cleared your listing status will go live. Monthly subscriptions need payments by 1st day of each month.

Payment forms

Complete the payment details. We accept all forms of payment. A tax invoice will be issued on payment.

Advertising packages are available monthly by subscription or yearly.

Customer Support

Our customer support team, are available to answer and further questions you may have for us. contact us by completing the form and submit. See our contact page.

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