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Want to know how your advertising is working. We sum up your month with us with the following stats.

My Profile | MANRUB

Profile ID:           Approved

Month:                Feb 2023

Weekly views:  176 {high} +

Total views:       1902

Joined:                19 September 2022


Status:                 Active

Bookings:           n/a

Referrals:             0

Reported:            n/a

Modified:             2

Peak:                    Sunday


Comparison Performance:

Month                Feb 2023

Top Ranked:     712 weekly views

Conversion:      22

status:                 booking request.

revenue:           $2,090.00

{based on entry price.}

Performance is not a true indication of

profiles charges and is generated by

confirmed bookings.

Next billing cycle: 31 Febuary 2023

Views: are calculated on click base on website.

Bookings: based on web portal and data collection

Client support: 

Notes:  comp charge on subscription.

Account [ MANRUB ] Overview

Your listing is currently set to [ MORE INFO] click rate information is gathered when a visitor selects the button, or image..

This feature is unable to report bookings, referrals or payments.

Advertising  Overview

World pride in Sydney has seen a reduction in transactions as people are committed in alternatives.

Moderate period.

As we hit Autumn bookings will start to increase especially with cooler nights ahead. 

Need help or advice on how to create extra sales and repeat customers? ask us for more.

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update details via my profile access.

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